Gutter production

galvanized and galvanized-plasticized

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B.O.S. Kompani gutter systems are complete drainage solution for every roof type. They could be used not only for new buildings, but also for the adaptation of the existing ones. They could be made by galvanized and galvanized plastic coated sheet metal in colors from our offer. They are also very resistant to the weather conditions.

B.O.S. Gutter Systems

Gutter systems elements

  • Gutter (horizontal part)
  • Pipe (vertical part)
  • Gutter Bracket
  • Gutter Outlet
  • Clamp
  • End cap
  • Gutter Corner
  • Elbow

Multi-layer protection

in galvanized or galvanized-plasticized version

plasticized profiled sheets

Base color 25µ

The outer layer of the base color is 3.5 times thicker than the inner one


Zinc coating 140g/m²

Sheets are coated with zinc on both sides


Steel sheet 0,5mm

The core of our profile sheets is top-quality sheet metal with a hardness of DX52 and DX53


Base color

All profile sheets are painted on both sides with high quality polyester paint.


Anti-condensation Felt

Optional DR!PSTOP felt layer can prevent the creation of condensation and drips inside the building.

“B.O.S. olični sistemi” are part of  B.O.S. Kompani business system